Possible bug with getting green and blue values

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Possible bug with getting green and blue values

Post by vasan.shrini » 2019-09-12T08:43:26-07:00

I am using ImageMagick++ 6.9.10. I am trying to read an image and get the R, G, B values. In whichever way I try, I always get the same values for the green and blue channels. Below is a sample code that illustrates the problem:

Magick::Image img_one('test.jpg');
Magick::ColorRGB img_one_px(img_one.pixelColor(10, 10)); // can be any pixel location in the image
cout << img_one_px.red() << " " << img_one_px.green() << " " << img_one_px.blue() << endl;

Irrespective of the pixel we choose in the second line above, the code always prints the same value for green() and blue(). I feel this is a bug that needs fixing. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks a lot.

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